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What’s in a Name? | One-Name Study Guide | Terri O’Connell

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At one point every genealogist hits the proverbial brick wall in genealogy research. Everything comes to a standstill and we try to decide what we want to know and how we should proceed. The answer will be different for each researcher, and even within separate family lines. For instance…


Saving the Stories of Your Stuff | Elizabeth Swanay-O’Neal

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“Mommy, where did you get that?”

Hmmm… where did I get that? Did it belong to my grandmother? Or was it my mother’s? Wait… if it was my mother’s, where did she get it? And how did I end up with it? With the everyday busy-ness of life, work, and family, I have found it increasingly difficult to remember my own name some days, much less where I got that antique candy dish.


How to Begin Family History

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Discovering your family’s history is a thrilling endeavor. Learning family stories, finding heirlooms, and discovering where you came from can link a person to their past and help them establish a brighter future. But as exciting as that journey can be, it can also be overwhelming when just getting started. Where do you begin? Where do you find information about your family, especially if many of your ancestors are already deceased? Here are some tips to help you begin family history.


FREE MyCanvas Course via Ancestry Academy

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There are many methods of searching for and finding the records of ancestors, but having a creative way to share those results can be difficult. However, MyCanvas by Alexander’s provides a way for family history enthusiasts to create a multitude of completely customized genealogy projects…


How Family History Leads to Personal Resilience

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Despite high infant mortality rates and lower life expectancy, not one of your direct ancestors died childless.

That fact, in and of itself, reveals that you are a descendant of some pretty amazing people.

Learning more about ancestors and family history has the power to enrich life…


Cooking Up Genealogy | Gena Philibert-Ortega

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I have always loved family history research. My maternal grandmother was the family historian and shared stories of our ancestry with me. There’s no doubt that those stories influenced my work as a genealogist. But, while family history has been an interest of mine since I was a child, I’ve also conducted historical and psychological research as…


Hilson: A Story Behind the Name | Madam Ancestry

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My research began with a man by the name of Nathaniel Henry Hilson and his brother, Emmitt Henry Hilson.
Nathaniel was my great-grandfather. I was always told that he was from Oklahoma. One day I remember hearing a story that conflicted…


How to Index Old Family Photos | Physical Copies

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A lot of family photos today are digitital. Information such as the day, place, and individual can be easy to record on iphones, with Facebook, or during the download process. However, the same cannot be said for the old, tarnished photographs…