We had so much fun at RootsTech 2016! We met amazing people, and heard many great stories from the attendees. We were also happy to answer any questions that our fellow genealogy enthusiasts had about our product. Surprisingly, one of the most popular questions was, “What is MyCanvas?”

What is MyCanvas?

MyCanvas is a free, online, self-publishing software. Using the templates we provide, you can create custom projects, ranging from photo books, to custom calendars and more!

What Makes MyCanvas Unique From Other Photo Book Companies?

  • Family History Emphasis – MyCanvas is unique from other photo book companies in that we focus on family history. Build your family history book from scratch using our family history book templates, or download your research information directly from Ancestry. Learn more about building family history books here.
  • Complete Customization –¬†From our photobooks to our calendars, you are in control of your projects. Though you can start with our templates, you can adjust every aspect of your project every step of the way. Change backgrounds, add frames, add pictures, insert text, color boxes, embellishments, and more for a project that is exactly the way you want it.

Check out our quick, two minute demo of MyCanvas to see our product in action:

To get started, visit MyCanvas.com today, or learn more about using MyCanvas.com via Ancestry Academy.