A family tree poster is a great way to organize your family history. There are multiple types of family tree charts that you can access online, which makes editing them really easy. The only problem is, navigating through your family tree in a digital format can take a lot of time. Not only do you have to make sure you follow the right line, you are also hoping that the website doesn’t crash or your computer turns off. If that happens, you have to start your search all over again. There are advantages and disadvantages for keeping your family tree in a digital format, but digital isn’t always the most efficient form. Here are reasons why you should print a family tree poster.

1) Easy Navigation

Have you ever tried to quickly navigate to a specific ancestor on a digital family tree? It can take a long time. First off, you can only fit so many relatives on one screen – space limitation. Second, you have to be precise with your navigation or you will get lost. Lastly, The website has to take time to load your personal information up each time you click further down on your tree. This is very inefficient when it comes to time spent waiting and navigating to where you want to go.

A family tree poster is the the best way to navigate and can even be an aid when you are looking for a specific ancestor on your digital tree. It is a lot easier to trace your lineage with a complete physical copy of your family tree. There aren’t any loading times, the probability of getting lost is essential zero, and you can see every relative with ease. Having a family tree poster by your side while editing a digital tree can and will be very beneficial.

2) Easily Take Notes

Taking notes on a family tree poster is as easy as it comes. All that you need are sticky notes and a pen or pencil. Once you take the note, just stick it by the ancestor you wrote it for and wallah, you’ve done it! Going back and adding the needed information on your digital tree will be as easy as following your family line to that ancestor on your computer with the help of your family tree poster. Once you find the ancestor, you can just remove the sticky note, type in the information, and throw it away. Using your family tree poster for note taking will help your family history research run much more smoothly.

3) Easily Show Others Your Heritage

Not only is a family history poster useful for research, they are also a great way to show your friends and family the work you have done. Family history is about finding where you come from and building relationships. You can accomplish both of these because once other people have seen the work you have done and where you come from, more times than not it gets them interested in doing their own family history as well.

4) Easily Make Your Own Family Tree Poster

If you have an Ancestry.com account, designing your own family tree poster with MyCanvas is very easy. MyCanvas will use the information found in your Ancestry account to populate your family tree poster for you. If you do not have an Ancestry account, fear not! you can easily create your own family tree poster on your own as long as you have your information handy. If you haven’t started your family history yet, here is a link to another blog post to help you get started. Design your family tree poster today!

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