Spring is often one of the most beautiful times of the year! Flowers bloom, baby animals appear, and people of all ages begin to play outside again. If you’ve gathered an assortment of spring photos, whether celebrating new life or just from vacation, here’s some ideas for organizing them into a spring photo album!

Photo Arrangement

How you set up your photos can tell a story! And that, generally, is what the purpose of a photo album is. Each page or section should have its own story, whether of a vacation or just building memories.

Build a “setting”

On each page, choose one or two to be the focus. Chances are, these will be shots of your family or of people in general. Balance these out with landscape or detail shots that create a mood for your focal points.

Arrange by color

Create interesting unity by putting photos with similar colors on the same page. Even if you didn’t take them on the same day or in the same place, this could create an interesting feeling on the page.

You can also use complementary colors to create contrast. For example, if you’ve got close-up shots of bright pink blossoms, you might add a picture of a family member or animal playing in vivid green grass.

Design Elements

Pick fonts and other elements carefully. You want to enhance your photos, not distract from them!

When selecting a font, look at your style of photos and pick something to match. You want fonts that help create the right sort of mood to go along with your images. Though some fonts can be more fun when they’re crazy or heavily stylized, be sure that they don’t clash with the images or distract from them. They should be a complement, not the focus.

The same goes for design elements! While it might be tempting to emphasize a scene with lots of clip art, you don’t want them to take over the page. Keep digitally-created images to the corners or backgrounds so they won’t take over. Also, in the case of these, make sure your elements complement the colors and lines of your photos. Use odd numbers of elements and avoid lining them up neatly. Odd numbers of elements scattered across a page form a much more interesting shape and can “frame” a photo.

Book Cover

If you’re going for a photo printed on your cover, pick the one that best exemplifies the whole album. Did you primarily take family photos? Get one of your whole family on the cover. Was your focus on a beautiful floral or green landscape instead? Get your favorite on there to start a conversation!

If you’re not going for a photo, pick a color and style that matches the interior. Albums like this should have a feeling of unity throughout. It won’t have to match every photo perfectly, but it should go with the overall or most dominant colors inside. Yellow or baby blue, for example, is a good spring color. Another one, representing the new life of spring, is green.

Book Creation

Now all that’s left to do is to find somewhere to print it! And why not print your book through MyCanvas? We can create any type of photo album, not just family history books!  Learn more about creating a custom photo album here.