Here at MyCanvas, we want to make it easy to create a family history photo book. We’ve created this masterpost to put all that good information in one place.

Gathering Stories and Writing

Family History: From Blog to Book | Lynn Palermo: The journey of turning research into stories, going from blog posts to a full-fledged book!

How to Make a Successful Family History Book: Ready to start? Use this blog to plan out how your book will look and the stories it will tell.

Getting Started with MyCanvas

Overview: Types of MyCanvas Family History Books: Your options for creating a MyCanvas family history book.

How Do I Start Making a Family History Book?: More information on beginning a family history book with MyCanvas.

Building Your Book

MyCanvas: Creating Family History Keepsakes: A link to a FREE video course by on creating keepsakes with MyCanvas. (p.s. You will need an account to access this.)

How to create an Ancestry Family History book: Our step-by-step tutorial on building a MyCanvas family history book.

How to make a Photo Book: Our tutorial on building just a photo album for your family or for an event in your life.

Building a Custom Photo Book from Scratch: Starting from scratch with any template–or doing it your way!

Tips and Tricks for creating a MyCanvas project: Want to enhance your MyCanvas project? Here are a few tips to make designing easier.

Book covers, sizes and page limits: Your options for creating any MyCanvas book.

Your Ancestry Info

How can I include more than 4 generations in my book?: We get a lot of questions about adding more than 4 or 5 generations. Here’s how!

How to Update MyCanvas Projects with New Ancestry Info: Everyone needs to put new information into their book sometime!

How to show multiple spouses on a Descendant chart: Here’s how to add multiple spouses or ex-spouses to a tree!

Customize Your Pages

Copying Elements Between MyCanvas Pages and Projects: Duplicating pages or just elements? This blog is for you!

Duplicate Pages and Records in Your MyCanvas Book | Nancy Laney: Maybe you need to erase some duplicate pages. Here’s how!

How to copy pages from one book to another MyCanvas book: Making a copy of your book? We’ve made it easy to duplicate pages between projects!

Page limit to MyCanvas books: Sadly, our books do have a page limit.

Photos, Text, and Embellishments

How to Import Pictures into MyCanvas: Have your own photos? Use this to put them into your book!

Copying and Pasting Text into a MyCanvas Project: Drop your ancestors’ stories straight into the book without re-typing anything!

Working with the Timeline feature in MyCanvas: Change the auto-populated timeline provided on MyCanvas book pages.


How to change the cover of your book: Switch between the types of cover we offer here at MyCanvas!

Ordering and Printing

Shipping price of a MyCanvas order

How long will it take to get a MyCanvas order?

Ordering MyCanvas projects from outside the U.S.: MyCanvas ships internationally!


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