MyCanvas, formerly a branch of, is alive and well under the ownership of Alexander’s. MyCanvas allows users to easily create family history books, genealogy charts, photo collages, and more. Once the book has been designed and ordered, Alexander’s will professionally print, bind, and ship your customized creation to your door. Check out this video to see the process from start to finish.

Customized Books from MyCanvas by Alexander’s

MyCanvas by Alexander’s continues to offer customized products that are easily designed online. Whether it’s compiling a book full of photos from your most recent vacation, or creating a calendar with family pictures to give to a loved one, MyCanvas can help. The drag-and-drop capabilities enables anyone with a computer and internet connection to use it with ease. Just read a couple of testimonials from our clients.

Like when Barb wrote:

“Great product, beautiful printing and covers- the perfect complement to any family history project – thank you for keeping My Canvas going for all of us!”

Or when Woody said:

“Fantastic, My Canvas is such a powerful and easy to use publishing tool. And the quality of the book printing services have really been so beautiful. Thank you!”

MyCanvas is ready and waiting for your beautifully crafted creations to be designed and ordered. If you want to use your account to easily transfer family history information, be sure to use You can build family history books, family tree posters and calendars inspired by your ancestors.

We here at MyCanvas by Alexander’s want to help you with the creative process. Each week we will post helpful tools to get your projects started, creative new projects to inspire you along the way and any new and exciting trends regarding genealogy. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest or come visit our blog for updates.

Check out some examples we made below and be sure to visit for any other questions.