Family history sites and photo book publishing sites are in such high demand these days. We are doing our best to accommodate all of you family historians and genealogy experts by providing the best online research tools and services.

Did you know you can use MyCanvas for FREE? This online platform provides a free self-publishing software for anyone. Login through or and start your free account. Download all your photos, family history stories, journal entries, etc. andĀ save your research until you’re ready to publish.

All of your digital documents and photos have a home on MyCanvas, and the best part?

You can use MyCanvas forĀ free!

It’s simple. Visit and register for a free account. This will allow you exclusive access to our software and a free place to store all your family history findings. Of course once you like the layout of your book/calendar/poster we hope you will turn those digital documents into beautiful keepsakes for your family.

Find yourself at MyCanvas. For more information visit or comment below.


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