Have you ever wondered how a book is created? Here at MyCanvas by Alexander’s, we not only process the book you’ve worked so hard to design, we print them from start to finish. This includes applying beautiful covers to your books.

Getting Started

Before a cover can be applied or even printed, the book first must pass through Prepress. Prepress reviews the book, and tests how words and images will appear when printed.

Once you’ve approved the final version of the book, we print it, bind it, and cut it. Then, the book is ready to receive its cover.

What We’ll Cover


This is a stack of cover-less books from today. The pages have been cut and perfect bound, the glue is dry, and it’s time to add the cover!

Cover Selection


At MyCanvas.com, when you order your book, you have the option to choose your type of cover. If you select leather, you can pick between our three approved types. You can see here which color is most popular!


If you’ve opted to have an image as the cover of your book, we print out your cover on high quality paper using our wide format printers.


Whether printed or leather, your cover is then applied to a special type of cardboard, making you cover firm and durable. Once the application has settled, the cover is connect to the pages by their endsheets. The black endsheets completely cover the cardboard support, providing you with a beautiful, professional finished product.

Final Touches


When the cover is in place, it’s ready for just a couple final touches:


First, the cover is wiped clean in the event that any dust strayed across it during the binding process. Next, if your book is leather bound, it’s prepped to have its title written in gold foil across the front. In order to identify the name of the book, the book’s unique barcode is scanned into our computer system, where the title is identified.


Once the machine has been programmed with your book’s title and size, your book is carefully set in the machine, and checked to ensure that it’s upright before the cover is printed. Then, the machine applies your title in gorgeous golden letters.


Voila! The finished product!

Once complete, your book (or books) are organized, and collected to ship out and reach you, where we hope you’ll enjoy having them as much as we enjoyed creating them!