The family history posters we create at MyCanvas have quite a few benefits over our other projects. They’re simpler to do, but they don’t lose a bit of the most vital information about your ancestry. Here’s what makes our posters great!

Faster Than Books

We have a lot of MyCanvas users who will begin work on a project, only to leave it for what can be a long period of time. Most often, these projects are books. While a family history photo book may be stunning and have all your family history data, it can be time-consuming.

A family history poster, on the other hand,┬ácan be done with the same information in a fraction of the time! Our posters use the same imported data from Ancestry, including dates and photos. Plus, you can edit it the same as our books! Personalization is just a click away! Plus, you don’t need to click through pages and pages to find what you were working on previously. It’s all right in front of you when you open up our Project Editor.

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Easy to Display

Even the most gorgeous book has to be closed while on display. Unless someone has a moment to flip through it, it can be hard to show it off without a special occasion. Posters, however, are on display all the time. When you place it on your wall, you’re inviting your family members and guests to view it as they pass. This also doesn’t limit it to one or two viewers at a time. Posters are much more easily seen by a larger group. If your family comes over for a visit, this can be a great way to prompt a discussion or story-sharing time.


One of our most common questions is how to save money for our family history projects. Our books are high-quality and bound in real leather, but they’re not for everyone. If you aren’t looking for an expensive coffee-table book, our family history posters are perfect alternatives!

We charge only based on size, and the fixed price of our posters makes it easy to understand up front what you’ll be ordering!

  • 16″ x 20″ poster (4 generations): $14.95
  • 18″ x 24″ poster (5 generations): $19.95
  • 24″ x 36″ poster (7 generations): $39.95

Make It Your Own!

Just like with our family history books, you can design and embellish your family history posters. Easily choose a background with a design or a solid color, and add embellishments. Drag and drop your own images and photos in, if you don’t want to use the photos imported from Ancestry.

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