Now that summer is ending, this is the perfect time to gather up vacation photos and prepare them for printing. If you’re looking for the best ways to showcase your summer photos, look no further than our collage posters and our photo books!


Show off to everyone who enters your home with a summer-themed collage poster! Rather than hiding your favorite photos in a book, put them on display. Choose colors that match any room in your house with our custom backgrounds and embellishments. Whatever you choose to do with your design, these completely customizable posters will draw attention and conversation. Creating a conversation piece like this helps keep fun and funny stories fresh in your mind. You’ll be able to remember the best times with your family year-round.

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Collage posters can be great gifts to give a student going off to college! Their bright, colorful look can help brighten up a dorm room and remind your student of all the fun they had. Share these memories with the young adults in your life to help them feel a little closer to home during the school year.

Photo Books

With a printed photo album, every page can be like a poster with its own theme or colors. If you can’t contain your summer adventures to a single sheet, you can begin building a photo book that shows off all the fun you had! This is especially nice for busy families who had multiple events across one summer, like vacations, family reunions, weddings, and/or the addition of new babies to the family.

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Creating a custom photo book themed around your summer fun can keep your best memories alive. Just like with posters, you can cherish the fun times you’ve had year-round.

Add New Photos

Before you hit Print, remember that we have a few weeks of summer left! Get your kids’ or grandkids’ back-to-school photos on your poster or in your book if you have room. It provides a nice bookend to all the fun you had on vacations and in warm weather.

What will you do to share your summer photos with your family? Check out the products on today!