Every school year, students can look forward to getting yearbooks that capture the spirit of their school and the experiences of the past few months. But you don’t have to wait for the school to release them! Create a new yearbook that focuses on your student and their friends and tell their school-year story!

Focus On Your Student

As schools get bigger, it can be harder for yearbooks to focus on every student. The final product can be disappointing for those who weren’t in the prominently-featured clubs or whose groups were too large for individual focus.

But when you create a custom yearbook, you can focus on anything you want and show the best of your student’s year. Shift the focus from the school in general to whatever makes your student special:

  • Extracurricular activities
  • Personal growth, (before and after comparisons)
  • Achievements or awards
  • Concerts, dances, and events
  • Projects
    • Years down the line, it may not be possible to keep everything as a memento. Take scans or photos of artwork, dioramas, and other projects and insert them into this book to remember the details forever!

Preserve School Year Memories

You can get a little more personal with a custom-made yearbook. Make it into a time capsule or scrapbook. Opening it up will be like visiting the past! Record favorite memories, songs or books, who their friends are, quotes, and what they experienced that year.

Why narrow your book to one year? You can also capture the entire high school experience! Blend the best moments of every year into one book to see how much your student has grown and progressed.


Remember to order them early enough that your students can get their classmates to sign the book!