Finding ancestors, learning facts, locating headstones – these are activties genealogists are passionate about. However, when some family members hear the words “Family History” or “Genealogy” they tune out. So how can you share your family history with your loved ones without getting an eye-roll? Try some of these ideas:

Family Newsletter

Family history isn’t just about sharing the stories of your ancestors and their pasts. We make family history each and every day. Start an email newsletter with your family, sharing member’s achievements, goals, or even just amusing stories. A family newsletter can keep your entire family up to date and informed, knitting together a tighter family. As a bonus, those family newsletters will become cherished heirlooms for future generations!

Family Web Site

This can be something as simple as a social media page where different members of your family can post updates about the family and genealogy work. Though members of your family might not voice aloud their curiosity or interest in family history work, having a site your family members can access provides them with a place to go and learn if the mood strikes.  You can even include links to family history games so that the youngest members of the family can be involved and have fun.

Keep Track of Genetic Health Information

Not all family members will be interested in getting to know their ancestors on a more personal level, but everyone in your family should be aware and have access to genetic health information. What health risks run in your family, and what can you do to prevent them?

Family Reunions

Bring out the games, conversation, and of course, granny’s secret apple pie recipe! Family reunions are a great way to bring together different generations of your family. Share family recipes, reminisce, and take this chance to record the stories of your living relatives during a story-time event where members of your family can each share anecdotes about their pasts. Sound boring for the kids? Click here to see more ways to involve children in family history.

Create Family Heirlooms

Have a crafty family? Family History crafts can be a great way to introduce your creative family members to their ancestors, as well as provide heirlooms for future generations. Make scrapbooks and compile photo albums. Write letters to family members, and make handcrafted heirlooms such as quilts, works of art, or other cherished objects that can be passed forward through the generations. Click here to see more great family heirlooms you can create today for your future descendants.

Create a Family History Book / Chart

Though technically included under the heirloom section, we wanted to give this one a particular emphasis since family tree charts are so popular. Family History books and family tree posters can be a beautiful way to share your genealogy research with your family. Hang family tree charts on walls to invite stories of ancestors, or so that your children become familiar with the names and faces of those who came before them. Record family stories and anecdotes in family history books, and print multiple copies to share information. Even the act of creating this book can bring your family closer and share your love of genealogy. Get started today using’s free online templates!

How do you share your family history with your loved ones?