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Tips, tricks, and ideas about recording the past so future generations can understand their family history. Learn about great preservation methods, web links, and how to have fun creating your family’s history.

5 tips to writing a personal history book

5 Tips to Writing a Personal History Book

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Perhaps as you’ve considered writing a personal history book, you’ve asked yourself, “Where do I even begin?” The undertaking of writing a book can always feel overwhelming. But before you give up, remember that in writing a personal history book, all of the characters already exist, the conversations and experiences have already happened, and you are an expert on the topic! Here are 5 tips to help you get started…

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10 quotes to spruce up your next family history book

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Believe it or not, a family history book can be more than just a collection of photos you found. A family history book has the power to be a tactile memory, a journey through time, a look into your family’s past and a lesson about heritage. It can be an inspiring experience that changes the life of those who see it.


Family History Publishing: A Brief Tutorial

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So you’re ready to publish your family history? That’s great! The more you share your findings with friends and relatives, the more they will want to get involved. The biggest decision is simply deciding you are ready to create your MyCanvas book or poster. It can be quite challenging when you start to think of all the ancestors you are missing in your research but here are some tips to help you focus your findings…