After high school, young adults have many options that open up before them. Their lives and stories are full of potential as they move into their adult lives. Life changes fast during this time; be sure to capture these exciting and life-changing years in a photo book!


Wherever he or she goes, your missionary is leaving for some time to a new location on the globe. There, they will live and teach among new groups of people. Missionary service isn’t quite a vacation. But the time spent there will yield many experiences and photos. Compiled together, a book easily forms.

Tell your missionary’s story, however long they’ve been home! Flesh out a book focused on the mission using letters, photos, and stories. You don’t have to start with the date he or she left home, either! Include photos or memories of experiences leading up to the decision to serve a mission, getting the call, and preparing to leave.

No matter where your missionary goes, you’re likely going to get plenty of letters written home. Many families like to preserve these letters on a blog or on a server. If you create a missionary photo book with MyCanvas, you can choose to preserve those letters in physical form as well!

Other memories you can preserve:

  • Missionary companions and what your missionary experienced with them
  • Scriptures or talks that inspired your missionary or the people they taught
  • Passages from a journal
  • Experiences with teaching
  • Or anything that inspired and helped your missionary grow!

Check out the Family Reunion, Noteworthy, European Vacation, or Dear Old Dad templates for a missionary memory book.


While your university student may not write extensive emails and letters home, you can still save college memories! This is a time of incredible growth and progression for young adults, and often marks a major milestone in their lives. Like with a custom yearbook, you can save details from any college experience:

  • Progress
  • Favorite classes or professors
  • Links to theses and papers
  • Scores from tests like the GRE
  • Ambitions and goals from the beginning and end of university study

University is often the time for major life events to happen, too, such as engagement or marriage, and starting a career. Remember to capture these important life events in a college memory book as well. Try starting with the School Rocks template!


How will you tell the stories of the young adults in your family? We want to hear from you!