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Selecting a Color Scheme

MyCanvas Products By August 2, 2019 Tags: , , , , , , , No Comments

Have you ever decided you were going to paint the walls of a room, and then when you arrive at the home improvement store to pick out paint, get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of paint chips? Or tried to pick out a color scheme for a wedding or formal event? Similarly, choosing a theme and colors for the photo book you’re making can be and endeavor. You want it to look good and match your theme. But when it comes to color, the wide spectrum of color makes for endless possibilities. So how do you decide on a color scheme?

For a little design inspiration let’s start by going over the basics of color theory.


Color Tricks for Creating Beautiful Photos

Photography By September 18, 2015 Tags: , , , , , , , No Comments

Whether creating a scrapbook, photography book, or snapping a photo, it’s important to consider the use of colors. Colors effect mood and composition. By finding and using beautiful color combinations, you can ensure your project looks amazing. But before we reveal the tricks to making great photographs using color…