This week, we’re giving you an overview of all our MyCanvas products. We want to help you create the best products for your home and to give away as gifts. Below, we’ll show you more about what you can create on our website, whether it’s for ancestry or to preserve your own memories.


All of our books come in three sizes: 8″ x 8″, 11″ x 14″, and 14″ x 11″. With each, you can choose different leather covers–or create your own if you want to go beyond leather. You can create custom covers to make your book an heirloom piece for the whole family

  • Family History Books: Because MyCanvas links with, our family history books are easy to fill with your ancestors’ details. Customize the look of each page with layouts, backgrounds, and font styles to match your family’s personality. You can also fill each book with more than just your details on ancestry. Add text boxes, photos, images of records, personalized timeline events, and more to create a detailed picture of your ancestors’ lives.
  • Photo Albums: If you’d prefer to focus on preserving the present, MyCanvas gives you that chance! Keep your family’s memories safe in a beautiful printed book you can display for years to come. You can preserve the memories of your baby’s childhood, from the first year to their tenth. You can also create wedding albums, which are great to display at receptions and open houses, or to give as an anniversary gift to a couple who has been married for a while. Or, you can store the memories of a family outing, or create yearbooks of a particularly memorable year.


If you want to show off your photos and genealogy all the time, rather than burying them in a book, why not try a poster? Our posters come in three sizes as well, adjustable from portrait to landscape: 16″ x 20″, 18″ x 24″, and 24″ 36″. Each is printed on high-quality matte, acid-free photo paper and can fit as many photos and images as you wish.

  • Collage Poster: If you want a fun memento from your family reunion or a wedding, MyCanvas can create a collage poster. Keep your memories on display in a much neater format, especially for small wall space. You can also give these as gifts to your family members so they too can cherish the memories of a fun outing or special celebration.
  • Standard Genealogy Poster: Like our books, our family history posters are auto-populated with records. You select one individual, whether it’s yourself, your spouse, or one of your parents. From there, you can display three to nine generations in a direct line. Here, you can also add photos and text, or change the background to complement your family’s photos.
  • Descendants Poster: This poster is wonderful especially for grandparents and great-grandparents! Like our standard pedigree poster, you select one individual and their spouse. From there, you can see their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren up to four generations.
  • Combination: Want to include your spouse? See how your ancestry has merged to create a new generation with our combination chart! This begins with a couple and includes your children. Then, you can see the direct line of ancestors for each member of the couple, up to seven generations on each side.


Creating a custom family history calendar is a great way to get your family interested in genealogy, and to keep track of important dates in your life. You can fill our calendar with custom images, whether of your family or of your own ancestors. You can also add custom dates, like birthdays and anniversaries for your extended, living family. Or, you can add important family history dates, like the birthdays of your ancestors. If your ancestors were immigrants, you can even add the date your family settled in a new country. Plus, you can add notes, family quotes, and more to each page. Whether commemorating your legacy or building a new one, MyCanvas calendars make a great personalized and practical decoration for your home.

Pricing for all our products can be found here. Questions or comments? We’d love to hear from you! Fill out the form below or contact us!