This week, we’re sharing tips on designing your custom calendar with MyCanvas! Remember, every one of our products is completely customizable, so you can create your own designs and themes! Here are a few ideas on calendar designs to get you started.

Getting Started

Choosing a starting design is simple. When you start your calendar project, you’ll choose a layout. Don’t like how a page looks? You can remove a page and replace it with another layout. You’ll just need to click on the page you want to change at the bottom of the Project Editor window. Then, on the left side of the window, under the drop-down menu Layouts, click on any new page design. You’ll even see a preview if you let your mouse hover over each option.

Family History Calendar

One of our most popular options is, of course, our family history calendars. Using Ancestry data, our project creator flows information about your ancestors into the calendar. In this case, it places relatives’ birthdays and other events on the day they took place. You can use family photos from Ancestry or your own personal library to decorate each month with reminders of your family’s past. Choose the Family Memories or Our Legacy layouts for these calendars!

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Remember how much fun you had in years past? It’s easy to do a year in review calendar, or take a walk down memory lane. Insert your favorite photos taken in each month into the page of that same month. You can even post multiple images so you can see a “then and now” comparison if your photos are from years ago. Try the Our Year in Review layout. This comes with a design for each month that helps coordinate your past year’s memories.

Other Fun Ideas

Postcard Designs

Previously, guest blogger Miriam J. Robbins wrote about her ideas for designing a calendar. Look at her amazing postcard designs! This ties in her grandmother’s history and gives the whole calendar a lovely vintage theme. Try finding a design or photos of things a relative or ancestor loved. You’ll have both a great, unique design and something that illustrates the life of a loved one.

Recipe of the Month

Keep your family interacting with your calendar year-round and beyond! Create an heirloom piece by adding a recipe of the month to each page. Sharing family recipes like this might be a good way to bring extended relatives together. Bring your family back to their roots if you share a recipe your ancestors passed down.


Got a question about creating a calendar through MyCanvas? Contact us today! We’d be happy to help.