Working, cleaning, cooking… With all the chores that need to get done each day, it can seem impossible to make time for family history. However, it’s actually easier than you think. Follow these six steps to find time for your genealogy:

Time Schedule

First, take a look at your everyday schedule. Are there things that you dedicate too much time to? Spending 5-10 minutes on social media isn’t bad, but if you’re spending an hour or two mindlessly scrolling through old posts, that’s time you can dedicate elsewhere. Find a regular time to squeeze in your family history, whether that’s once a day, once a week, or once a month.

Break it Down

No one, except perhaps Adam and Eve, can complete their family history chart all in one day. If you’ve only got small amounts of time each day to work on family history, break down the tasks you need to do. Maybe you can’t fill out an entire branch of your tree in half an hour, but you can find at least one more ancestor.

No Interruptions

Once you have your family history time scheduled, don’t let any interruptions (except, of course, real emergencies) take you away from your research time. Let your family know that this is a time where you cannot be bothered. If they need help opening those fruit snacks or doing the dishes, know that it can wait until after your family history time is over.


Remember, you aren’t the only person in the house who knows how to do dishes, go shopping, or even do family history! Ask for help from your family to get everything done.

Time Yourself

Keep track of your time when doing genealogy.  Staying aware of the ticking clock can motivate you to keep working and not get distracted with other things.

Keep a Log

At the end of each family history session, keep a record of the work you accomplished, and what you plan to do in your next session. This will help you see the progress you are making, as well as help you pick up right where you left off from your last session.

Remember, it’s a combination of small steps that lets you hike up a mountain!

Did we miss anything? How do you make time for your family history?