Pumpkins and black cats and warm turkey dinners – fall leaves, that cold breeze and frost on the windows… This time of year is exciting and invigorating, especially with the approaching holidays that make this season just a little bit more meaningful.

If you are planning to decorate your home this holiday season with some custom photo projects, be sure to review these holiday project printing reminders!

This Year’s Photos Make Next Year’s Albums

Halloween comes with plenty of fun decorations and costumes. This year’s gambits can make a fun addition to next year’s custom photo calendars and albums. Be sure to take plenty of photos to have a variety of quality images to select from. Remember to capture small details like autumn leaves, cobwebs, and scary treats.

Order Christmas Gifts Before December 9th

Family history books, custom calendars, and family tree posters all make unique, meaningful Christmas gifts. (Read Christa Chandler’s experience gifting Family History here). In order to get your projects by Christmas, remember to order before December 9th. Why December 9th? We want your project to be top quality. December 9th leaves just fifteen days until Christmas! To allow 5-7 business days for both processing the order, and shipping fulfillment, order books early.

Not sure where to get started on creating Family History Books or Photo Books in time for Christmas? Lynn Palermo shares some suggestions on her blog, here.

There’s exactly two months left until December 9th. What photo projects would you like to gift this holiday season?