It’s finally summer! The fans are constantly at high speeds and the sprinklers are running overtime, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. With summer activities comes the much-anticipated family reunion.

The best family reunions don’t always involve the most expensive trips or meals, but rather include making and remembering joyful family memories. A great way to accomplish both of these goals is by including family history at your reunion. Here are four ways you can make family history a bigger part of your upcoming family reunion:

Plan family history inspired activities

Who says enjoying family history has to be in front of a computer, in a genealogy center, or at a research site? Plan a list of fun games that remind you of your common ancestors. If a great-grandmother immigrated across the sea, devise a game where the kids must cross an area without touching the ground.

Don’t forget to plan activities for all ages and groups. For older adults, you could have a family trivia game with information about both your living and deceased ancestors. Stay up to date with our blogs to learn more fun family history inspired games you can play at your reunion.

Tell Family History Stories

The end of the day is a great time to sit down and share stories. Gather the family together and talk about some of the exciting and funny experiences of those that came before them. Or in a more casual conversation, you can talk about events going on in your own life and how they relate to some of your ancestors’ stories.

These tales will help your family better relate to their predecessors and potentially become more interested in genealogy as well.

Show off your family history work

If you’ve been working hard on discovering more of your family’s past, now is the time to share it! With MyCanvas you can make custom family history charts and books. Bring them to the family reunion and you’ll impress the family at show and tell.

Give your family a visual memoir of their ancestors that they can see and touch. This will help family history become more alive to them.

Make your own Family History

Lastly, the best part of being a genealogist is recognizing that we are part of family history every day of our lives. Make your own family history at the reunion, and be sure to document it! You can perform skits, share talents, write silly poems, etc. The options are endless. Have fun in your family’s own special way.

The final step to fully incorporate family history in your reunions is to record and share it. Keep a digital record with photographs and videos. Ask others to share and write about their favorite experiences. Then after the events are all over you can make and share a family reunion book, filled with all the best photos and experiences. It will not only be a treasure for those attending their reunion but also their future descendants.


How do you incorporate family history into your family reunions?