With summer on the way, families and friends will be headed out on warm-weather adventures. Whether this is your tenth trip to Disneyland or your first time visiting another country, you’ll want to grab photos! And, as children’s books have taught us, if you have photos, you’ll want to make a photo album! MyCanvas has compiled tips for creating the best-looking and most cohesive travel photo albums.

Taking Travel Photos

If you’re planning on a vacation in the near future, and want the best photos for your album, you’ll want to check out MyCanvas’s photography resources to get the best images. Read these posts to learn more about taking the best photos on your vacation!

Tips for Taking the Best Vacation Photos

How to Take the Best Summer Photos (Ever)

Taking Pictures in Bad Weather

Be sure to include not only scenery but people in your photos. People, after all, will help make your album more personal and help you tell a story.


Theme makes your book cohesive. There’s already a theme of travel, if you’re creating an album based around your vacations. But you can go further than that!

Did you visit one special place? If you spent time in a foreign country, for example, or in another state, theme your book around that. Show off the beauty of one particular place in great detail, and it will be like going back every time you visit.

Your cover i s the best place to start any theme. MyCanvas allows you to upload a photo for your cover to begin an especially unique, personalized book. Add text saying where you’ve been and when, and you’ve got a great start to your summer narrative!

Scan Your Paper Souvenirs

A big part of any trip is souvenirs, even if they’re as simple as the tickets to a special site or event. Scan them in and edit them on your computer. These will last a lot longer than actual tickets or papers, and you’ll be able to position them in our Project Editor around photos from the visit.

If you picked up something special while abroad, take pictures, if the items in question won’t work in a scanner. Then pop these photos in at the end of your album, as a wrap-up to your summer fun.


Carry the theme of travel through the whole book. You can use world or local maps as stock art for your background, or as a focal point if you want to mark where you went on your vacation. Stock embellishments like postcard stamps, planes, compasses, or beach toys also help set a mood for your photos. Throw in some quotes as well–especially if it’s something memorable a friend or family member said while you were out having fun!

With a photo album by MyCanvas, you’ll never forget the good times you’ve had.