Spring has not only sprung; it’s in full bloom! Flowers and plants of all kinds have come to life, inspiring thousands of photographers. Whether you’re simply passionate about the world around you or looking to grow your skill set, here are our tips on getting the most beautiful spring photographs.

White Balance

Make your colors brighter and better by paying attention to your white balance. Make what you see on your screen match what you see in real life. You’ll have better, brighter colors. And, as always, it’s better to get the shot right the first time than to edit later.

Photographing Flowers

When photographing blossoms or flowers, you’ll want to look for patterns and abstract shapes.

Get up close and personal with your plant subjects! The detail is really what makes these pop, unless you’re photographing an entire field. Use very little depth of field to get sharp detail up front and a blurred background. 

You can also try skewing your angle for an abstract, almost Alice-in-Wonderland feeling. This cuts out unnecessary detail and maks the flowers a greater focus.

Look Outside the Garden

We all love the bright, floral beauty of spring! But there’s more to this season than just flowers. Seek out animals (especially babies!), trees, and people getting back outside after winter’s end. Now that the days are getting longer again, you might try photographing sunrises and sunsets while you still have this green, floral beauty around you.

Capture Spring Storms and Misty Mornings

Spring comes with excellent and varied weather. Don’t stay indoors on drizzly days. Get out there and capture these dramatic thunderstorms and leprechaun-worthy rainbows. Check out our tips for photographing in rainy or windy weather if storm photos appeal to you!

When you can, get out there and take shots in the mist! Fog hides clutter in the landscape and creates an otherworldly or romantic look for your scene. Shoot your scene from above when you can, and you’ll wind up with beautiful, ethereal shots!


Get your photography off to a great start this spring! Once you’ve finished, remember to bring your photos over to MyCanvas! We can create gorgeous collages or photo books of your work for everyone to see.