Whether taking pictures to record family history, learn a new skill, or just for fun, there are guidelines every budding photographer can follow to get the best results from their photos.

Tip #1:┬áDon’t Buy Crazy Expensive Equipment

At least, not when you are just starting out. There’s a wide range of equipment available to photographers, and many have special purposes, such as landscape photography, portrait photography, or macro photography. Until you know which type of photography you like best, there’s no need to invest in special lenses. For beginners, a point and click works just as well as a professional camera. These days, even iPhones can be a great camera to learn on. Learn how to use your iPhone camera like a pro here.

Tip #2: Do Buy an Inexpensive Tripod

A tripod is a great investment for any photographer. Tripods provide stability, and reduce the risk of a blurry or unfocused subject. Additionally, when you set your camera on a tripod and hit the timer, you can become a part of the photos you take.


Tip #3: Do Read Your Camera Manual

A camera, even your iPhone camera, can do many things, and not all of them are self explanatory. Even if you are good with technology, it can’t hurt to read the manual to learn what extra skills your particular brand of camera is capable of. Not sure where to get started, or what some of the terms mean? Photography help can easily be found online.

Tip #4: Do Learn Basic Composition Rules

Take the time to learn from those that have gone before you. Though you don’t need to constantly follow basic photography composition rules, knowing them can help turn an average photo into a great photo.

Tip #5: Do Take Photos Regularly

After you’ve learned the basic composition rules, practicing them often will help you recognize and perfect your photography. It’s just as the old adage says: practice makes perfect!

Tip #6: Do Try New Things

Photography is an art form, and like any art, rules were meant to be broken. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Take photos from unusual angels, capture unique patterns, and create your own type of art!


Which of the photos you’ve taken is your favorite and why?