Why Isn’t MyCanvas Working?

Remember those exciting new upgrades we’ve been promising? They are here! We’re pleased to announce the arrival of several new features, including the Share Capability, a user friendly contact form, shipping to Canada and more!

If you’ve tried to use your MyCanvas account recently, you may be experiencing some difficulties. We apologize for the inconvenience, but these rough seas will shortly transfer into smooth sailing. While the MyCanvas site may be down momentarily or taking forever to load, we are here to answer your questions.

How Do I Transfer My MyCanvas Projects?

When prompted to leave the Ancestry site, click “yes”. A message should appear asking to transfer your projects to the new MyCanvas. You will only be prompted to do this for this first, initial transfer.Though it may take some time, all of your files will be transferred to our new servers.

Why is it Taking MyCanvas Forever to Move Files?

With everyone uploading their projects, the servers are working extra hard to transfer hundreds of thousands of pictures and projects. NOTE: Once you begin the transfer process, it WILL move all of your information to our new servers. If you don’t want to sit at your computer and wait for this process to finish, you can exit out of the page and our computers will continue to transfer your files.

Will Any of My MyCanvas Projects be Lost?

NO! Your MyCanvas projects are safe. It may take time for your request to be processed, but once you begin the process, it will continue through to the end, even if you exit out of the page. There’s no need to try again. Your first processing request WILL come through in one piece. No information will be lost.

Why Isn’t MyCanvas Answering My Emails?

If we did not answer your emails in the past, we apologize! Our servers were experiencing a slight hiccup, and we weren’t receiving any emails. This problem has now been resolved! Please feel free to email us via our contact form. We are eager to answer! We’ll resolve any problems you are facing as soon as possible.

What’s New on MyCanvas?

Share – We’re pleased to announce the arrival of several long awaited features, including Share. Share will allow you to share your project electronically with your loved ones. Those you send a link to will also have the option to purchase a copy of their own, directly from the Share link.

Now Shipping to Canada – To our Canadian friends, thank you for being patient. The long wait is over! You can now order your projects and have them shipped directly to you.

We Appreciate Your Patience

Thank you for staying with MyCanvas through this transfer process. We’re eager to continue services for all MyCanvas users. Though these transfers will be slow at first, once the move is complete, the site will be better than ever before.