We take pictures to record memories. And nothing is more frustrating than coming home from a family reunion, birthday party, or other event and discovering that half of the photos are blurry! So why are your camera pictures blurry?

Incorrect Focus Point

This is the most common problem of photo blurs. Cameras have sensors that try to determine what you are trying to take a picture of. Sometimes, those sensors guess the wrong thing. Pay attention to where your sensor is focusing, and adjust as necessary to ensure that your subject is the main focus, not the obscure background behind them.

Low Light

Taking pictures indoors at night? That low light will kill the crispness of your photos. Cameras need light to function. When the lights are too low, they’ll automatically try to compensate by leaving the shutter open longer. And, when that shutter stays open longer, small movements (even as small as your own breathing, or your finger lifting off the clicker) can cause your photos to blur. Resolve this issue by adding more lights, or using a tripod.

Not Enough Contrast

Taking a picture of a polar bear in a snowstorm? A black cat at night? When there isn’t enough contrast in your subject, your camera won’t be able to determine what the subject is, and consequently, where to focus, leading to a blur. Get sharp photos by positioning your subject on a background that complements, rather than confuses.

Dirty Lens

Did your fingerprints smudge the lens? Or, if you walked into a warm room, did condensation gather on the lens? Make sure your camera lens is clean.