The work you do tells a story many of us might not think about. A portfolio documents everything you have learned over your career. It holds the projects you have worked on. And that is a very important story that you’ll want to share with future clients and employers.

Why a Printed Portfolio?

Why create a printed portfolio? So many creators have their projects and data on a website or social media. But a printed portfolio can stand out for a variety of reasons!

Impressive at Interviews

First off, a printed book is your resume all in one. You can even include details like your education and work history to really make this valuable in interviews.

Printed portfolios can be much more impressive to take to meetings and interviews than a phone open to a photo feed. A book is a great way to showcase all of your work in one easy-to-access place that doesn’t drain battery or interrupt viewing with notifications.

Putting the work into a book like this proves that your projects really do exist in a physical form. It is also a great way to show off that you are capable of organizing and putting together a project. As anyone who has created a custom book through MyCanvas knows, books are no simple feat!

If you create more than one copy, a printed portfolio book can be a powerful reminder to leave behind, especially at high-profile companies.

The Power of Touch

Why is a book so powerful? Many print companies, like Alexander’s Print Advantage, believe that paper can help with memory and holding attention. This is called “touch marketing.” Paper engages more senses than just sight and sound, like the smell and feel of the paper and ink or other embellishments like foil. The more senses you engage, the better the reader’s memory is.

That’s perfect for showing off your portfolio. After all, you want potential employers or clients to hire you! And for that to happen, they will need to remember you.

Types of Portfolios

What kinds of portfolios could you create with MyCanvas?

  • Photography
  • Writing (including published works)
  • Decor or architecture
  • Design
  • Clothing and costumes

Make sure when you create your portfolio that you include accolades and awards!

Any of our templates might work for your portfolio. But a few we especially recommend are:

  • Shades of Gray
  • Outdoor Expressions
  • Elemental
  • Basic Portfolio
  • Sophisticated Wedding

Whatever you choose, make sure that your photos and designs stand out more than the backdrops. You want the focus to be on your work, rather than on the pages.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the “Tell Your Story” series! Remember to share your custom works with us on Facebook and Twitter! We want to see how you share your story with your family, friends, and neighbors.