Genealogy posters are a beautiful way to display heritage. If you are interested in crating your own family tree poster, but aren’t sure which type is best for you, review the free online templates MyCanvas offers:

MyCanvas Standard Family Tree Poster


Standard family history posters start with one person, and show ancestors back through the generations. This is one of the most popular poster types because it can show anywhere between five to nine generations of ancestry!


MyCanvas posters automatically display in either landscape or portrait depending on how many generations are selected.

MyCanvas Combination Family Tree Poster


Combination posters beautifully display both sides of a family tree. Start with a married couple, and look back through the generations on either side. Additionally, if the selected couple has children, they will be included below.

Combination posters display 4, 5, or 7 generations. This includes the starting couple as well as one generation of descendants.


If you log in using Ancestry, MyCanvas automatically downloads up to 5 generations in your genealogy chart. Additional generations can be added manually.

MyCanvas Descendant Family Tree Poster


Family history charts can also display aunts, uncles, and cousins. When you select a descendant chart with MyCanvas, view 3 or 4 generations forward.

Remember, with all projects you can change the background, add embellishments, text, and replace the token photos with images of the individuals.

Printed Family Tree Posters

Once you’ve created your MyCanvas genealogy poster, you can choose to share and print your poster. Posters print within a week, and are shipped within 5 business days.


Get Started Today

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