The greatest task we children have every year is to come up with the perfect Mother’s Day gift. When it comes to moms, really nothing can compare to what they have given us…life. So how can we show our appreciation and love for them?

Personalize your Mother’s Day Gift

It has been my experience that personalized Mother’s Day gifts are typically better and often more cost effective then something at the store. It was so easy in grade school when the teachers had to think up a creative gift the class could make together for Mother’s Day. I remember one year when my teacher had the class write a poem for our moms; I think we used a Shakespearean sonnet as a template. Since it wasn’t as cute as my self portrait from kindergarten with “Mom I luv ew” on it, I thought I would really impress her with a PowerPoint presentation. I wrote out the poem, pulled images of flowers off the internet and included a few pictures of us kids with my mom. From what I can remember, she loved it.

The point is, take time to really personalize the gift:

  • Favorite color
  • Favorite author
  • Favorite flower
  • Have her name engraved on something
  • Pictures or birthstones that represent all of the kids

Take Your Time

Speaking of birthstones, how long would it take you to go to your nearest jewelry store and buy a Mother’s Day pendant. Not long. Or how fast could you find a Mother’s Day card and stuff a gift card to her favorite restaurant inside it. Well…at least you remembered. It doesn’t take a lot of time and it certainly doesn’t show your mom, the person who spent nine months on your life, how often you think about her.

Hopefully this post reminds you early enough: May 10th is a little over two weeks from today. If you need to, you have time to shop around for deals. Perhaps you need to get in contact with your siblings to go in on something really special.

Build Something that She Can Share

Some mother’s are easier to please than others. It could be as easy as a framed photo on her desk at work or a bouquet of flowers sent to her office. Either way, she can show your gift off to her coworkers just how much her children love and admire her.

Of course we can’t leave you without suggesting a personalized photo book or calendar. This could become a family tradition. Every year around this time you can start to collect photos. These should be things like concerts, games, recitals, vacations, school pictures, holidays, etc. Then make sure to include some great quotes about how moms. We have collected some for you to help you get started.

MyCanvas projects can take quite a bit of time if you are putting together a family history book or collecting stories and records. Thanks to the very easy drag-and-drop toolbar, you can design and order your book in less than two hours. One hour if you have all the pictures picked out already.

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