Family history work is all about discovery, so it’s not surprisingly that genealogy enthusiasts are discovering innovative ways to make researching our past more efficient and enjoyable.

Here is a collection of this weeks innovations designed to help you with your family history work.

family history work

Dear Myrtle: How to digitize precious documents

For those who would like to preserve fragile documents as digital copies, Dear Myrtle offers a step-by-step guide for setting up your own digitizing photo booth. This innovative technique is gentle on old manuscripts, and is the least expensive approach to digitizing precious documents.

family history work

Moultrie Creek Gazette

Once you’ve digitized your documents, what do you do next? The Moultrie Creek Gazette published this post about a easy to use e-book builder that will help you turn your digital copies into a digital history book that you can share with your family.

family history work

The Family History Writing Studio

How do you get your family interested in family history work? Write good stories! The Family History Writing Studio teaches us how to make writing fun and interesting to read in this great post.

family history work

OriginsDNA: Breaking through the Autosomal DNA Generation Barrier

For all the scientists out there, this will be a fascinating read. Exciting breakthroughs’ in genetic research are helping genealogists make connections by analyzing genetic codes. It’s not like geneticists haven’t done this before, but now their methods and results are accessible to anyone who has an interest in family history work.

family history work

Wait But Why

When documenting your family’s history, don’t forget about the present. Write down stories of your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and be amazed at what you learn about your family.

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