When you create a family heirloom like your family history photo book, you’ll obviously want the best options available. For the highest quality product for the most reasonable price, you’ll want to come to MyCanvas. Why? We’re happy to show you why MyCanvas is the best place to go for your photo books.

On-Site Printing and Shipping

Here at MyCanvas, we create every product on-site from start to finish. That means from the moment you order it, it’s in our hands and under our care. We print it, bind it, and ship it all from our warehouse in Lindon, Utah. In a matter of days (about a week on average), you can have your finished, quality book right in your hands. Doing the work right here in one place means fewer stops on the road, which leaves less room for error. You’ll get a better product with companies like MyCanvas that handle everything themselves, rather than sending off your book for someone else to worry about.

Highest Quality Books

Because we value giving you the best product possible, we’ve found the technology and materials to give you a quality book. First, we print the pages of your book on HP Indigo printers–some of the best printers in the industry. Indigo printers give you better color, sharper lines, and higher overall quality. Then, we bind your book on-site either by hand or using one of our case-binding machines. These give you the best binding and care so that your book will last a long time as a precious heirloom in your household.

Partnership with Ancestry.com

Finally, while anyone with any genealogy platform can use MyCanvas, we make it easier than ever to create a book with Ancestry.com. Our partnership with the genealogy giant means that all you have to do is log in to Ancestry.com with our site, select a product, and select a person in your tree to start with. Our technology does the rest! The data and photos you’ve gathered on Ancestry.com will flow right into those pages. So if you want to keep it easy and clean, we’ve made it simple to do just that.


Got any questions for us? Contact us today or head over to MyCanvas.com to get started on your project!