We are so proud and excited to show you around our brand new website. It’s up right now-go check it out!

If you are missing our classic site or have a project to finish up in our old builder you may access our classic site here.

Deadline extended to finish and order projects on the classic site to November 30th, 2020.

Read Email 1 Notification about the update here

Read Email 2 Notification about the update here

Does this affect my records at Ancestry.com?

The only data this affects are projects created in the MyCanvas program (photobooks, posters calendars). Your Ancestry.com research remains intact on Ancestry.com


Ancestry.com in the same way has in the past?

Yes. When you create a new project in Ancestry your data will import directly into your project just as it is currently.


Why are you making this change?

Two reasons:

  1. Our current website is built with Adobe flash. Adobe will no longer be supporting this software due to a discovered security issue with their platform. If we do not make this change, we will no longer be able to serve you. Here are more FAQ’s from Adobe’s website: https://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/end-of-life.html
  2. To provide our customers with a current and improved platform that makes it easier for you to create and finish projects. We are passionate about the importance of family history and genealogy. We believe it’s important to continue to provide this service for this generation and next.


Adobe does not officially retire until December 2020, why is the cut off for editing and storing products November 30th?

We want to make sure the transition runs smoothly and believe that waiting until the last minute is not the right approach. Additionally, as you may have noticed, web browsers are making it more and more difficult to find and use flash and some browsers are already discontinuing it.


Why isn’t there a way to transition my existing projects into the new website?

Because our current system is coded with Adobe Flash and that platform will be retired across the entire internet (see above), there is no way for current projects to function in our new software or otherwise.


Will you continue to store my project created on the classic MyCanvas site?

NO, as of November 30th, 2020, projects created on our classic MyCanvas will no longer be archived or stored.


Will I be able to save my existing files in a pdf?

We have great news! We now have a solution that will allow you to receive a free .pdf file of your project when you place an order. While we will maintain the copyright on the pdf, we are granting permission for you to continue editing your project in an independent graphic design program of your choice. We will also grant permission for this .pdf to be printed wherever you choose in the future. This pdf will be sent to you with your shipping confirmation email and you can save and store this file forever.  This is a limited time offer only on the classic site available until November 1st. This option will not be offered on our new site.


Will you be offering a discount before the November 30th deadline?

Yes, we are running a promotion through November 30th, 2020 that gives you a free pdf of your file with every order along with a 20% discount.

Use coupon code: freepdf


What are all the deadlines?

New website available- now.

Retirement of current website- November 30th

Projects no longer stored or saved on our Classic website- December 1st


Stay Tuned! Exciting Features to Come:

You can look forward to:
– Simplified and more user-friendly customization process
– Improved automation will allow you finish projects faster
– Expanded photo upload options directly from your social media and online photo storage
– iPad and tablet compatibility
– Brand new ways to print your genealogy and family photos