As a massive global conference, RootsTech is a can’t-miss opportunity for many genealogists. But the size of the conference or the importance of that weekend doesn’t have to cause you any stress! Here is our guide to preparing for RootsTech 2018!

Check in early

This year, RootsTech allows early check-in! That’s right, you don’t have to wait in a long line Wednesday morning anymore! This saves you not only valuable time, but keeps you from missing opportunities at the conference. If you’re at a position to drop by the Salt Palace Convention Center on  Tuesday, do so! RootsTech is offering early check-in from 12 pm to 6 pm on Tuesday, February 27.

Pack your bags!

Before the big day, make a list of everything you’re going to need. Got your badge? A laptop, tablet, or smartphone? Essential chargers? Paper and pen/pencil? Snacks? Make sure anything you’ll need for a full day is with you.

Do be careful not to over-pack, however. There are no on-site lockers at the Salt Palace, so you’ll need to carry everything with you.

Plan your transportation

Taking public transit?

Check out to plan your route! Salt Lake city offers travel options like buses or trains to get you downtown.

Driving yourself?

The Salt Palace will have two underground parking garages available, with prices at $12-18 per day. There are also multiple parking areas nearby, such as at City Creek Center (charges hourly) or the Joseph Smith Memorial Building ($10 per day).

It will be a packed event! So make sure you know where at least 1 alternate parking lot or garage within walking distance will be.

Get the app!

Make the most of your RootsTech experience! Using the app, you can build a schedule of everything you want to see at the conference. You can also look up speakers and vendors to prioritize your time.

Have the 2017 version already? You can change your settings to display the 2018 conference details. Just:

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap Exit to Show List in the bottom right corner of the Home screen
  3. Tap RootsTech 2018

Find names and stories

RootsTech is a great place to find the newest technology and techniques. So, gather up the names you’re interested in finding and have them ready to search. You might as well see what you can do for your family while playing with the new toys RootsTech has to offer!


We are excited to see you at RootsTech 2018 soon!