For many, fall is one of the most gorgeous times of year. The leaves begin to turn, and pile up on the ground in an array of unique colors. Autumn skies can range from the brightest blue to gray as well, giving you a wide variety of lighting for your subjects. Get your camera out–it’s time to celebrate the colors of fall!

Blue-orange contrast

One of the most popular color combinations in photography and advertising is blue and orange. These are opposites on the color wheel, which makes them a striking contrast. When you see them together, it’s hard to look away, so it’s no wonder this is such a successful pairing!

There’s no better time than autumn to capture blue and orange together as the leaves turn. On clear days, get some shots of the sky among those gorgeous trees. You might try pointing your camera upwards past the leaves to frame the sky, or shooting the trees from a slight distance to see the sky above. Try to add in puffy white clouds overhead where you can as well.

Gray weather

Unless you’re shooting orange-leafed trees, bright blue skies can be hard on your lighting. Use those gray autumn days to take pictures of streams and waterfalls, and other more light-sensitive subjects. You can even shoot during a light drizzle for saturated autumn colors! Follow our tips here for taking photos in rainy or windy weather.

Shoot after peak color

You can get stark, interesting images even after most of the colorful leaves have fallen. Just because the leaves are on the ground doesn’t mean you have to give up!

Compose your shots to include some of these bare trees and the onset of winter. Or, move your sights to the ground and the piles of leaves there. See where leaves have fallen, such as in streams or over paths. You can even combine shots like these (and other subjects) with the first frosts of the season. Shooting during this time will capture the brief transition between fall and winter.

Shoot the fruit!

Autumn is harvest season. So a lot of fruits and berries will be ripening on the vine or tree, showing off their bright colors in huge bunches. Zoom in close on pumpkins, apples, and berries to capture the juicy side of fall.


How have your autumn pictures turned out? We would love to hear your tips for taking pictures of those gorgeous autumn colors.