MyCanvas is pleased to announce our new Guest Blog Series! We’ve asked guests from near and far to share inspirational stories relating to families, history, the research process, and preserving memories. If you’re looking for tips and tricks about genealogy, creating photobooks, and more, there will be something here for everyone to learn from our wonderful guest bloggers.

What will our guests be discussing?

MyCanvas is unique from other photobook companies in that our emphasis is on families and family history. Consequently, our guests will be focusing on a variety of family history related topics, including personal experiences about the research process, history book creation, the importance of families, and more.

Who’s in our guest blog series lineup?

That’s a great question! One we aren’t going to answer just yet. But we’ll give you some hints: our guest bloggers are a mixture of family history enthusiasts, authors, professional genealogists, hobbyists, and more. They might be a person from your neighborhood. They might be someone you follow online. Or, as is the case with our Feature Guest Blogger, you may have seen her on TV…

Have a guess? Can’t wait to find out? Check back in on Tuesday when we make our big announcement!