Creating a memorable photo project can be difficult if you or someone you love is camera shy. Next time you find a camera directed at you (or need to convince someone to let you take their picture), pull these quick, easy tricks to ensure a natural, yet flattering photo.

Tuck Your Tongue


Have you noticed how everyone has a little skin flab just under their chin? Next time someone springs a camera on you, remember to press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. This action tightens the muscles in your neck so the natural flab disappears.

Tilt Your Head


As tempting as it is to shoot a straight on photo, it’s actually more flattering to present the camera with a three-quarter angle. This position allows shadows to cross your face, giving it depth. By also either tucking or lifting your chin just a little bit, your position will look more natural and flattering.

Angle Your Shoulders


Approaching the camera straight on flattens the natural curves of the body. To avoid this, angle your shoulders. Also be mindful of how you position your arms. Leaving arms relaxed against the body flattens muscles and extends the eye’s vision of the torso. But by lifting your arms just a little to frame your torso,┬áthe camera can process your natural beauty.

Cross Your Ankles


When sitting down, cross your ankles and straighten your posture. You’ll find that this professional, yet natural pose, looks great at any occasion. It’s even a great trick to remember when standing, especially if you are facing the camera head on.

Be Yourself


Above all else, remember to just be yourself. When you are relaxed your natural emotions are captured by the camera, and that, above anything else, will make a photo of you glow.

For more photography tips, check out MyCanvas’ Pinterest board. And once you have photos of yourself that you love, be sure to include them in your next project created with MyCanvas.