After searching the web we’ve located 5 more fantastic Family History blogs for your enjoyment. To see what blogs we’ve spotlighted in the past, be sure to explore Family History Blogs Part 3Part 2, and Part 1.

(1) Lisa Louise Cook –  Genealogy Gems

Lisa’s blog is a gold mine of information and wisdom. Not only is she the Producer and Host of the Genealogy Gems Podcast, but Lisa’s site also provides links to family history records to prospect. Along with these wonderful resources to recreate the lives of passed ancestors, she provides tips of how to keep family history alive today, from scrapbooking to telling kids stories about themselves because, as she says, “These stories–and the tone in which they’re told–teach [kids] how valued they are and influence their sense of identity and self-worth.”

(2) Madame Ancestry

Through her online videos, Madame Ancestry teaches the basics of beginning family history work with genealogy records you can find in your own home. Along with helpful tips, Madame Ancestry shares stories from her own family history (as well as how she got her nickname!). Of tales told around the dinner table each night, she says, “stories will only be passed down as long we continue to tell them.”

(3) Tom Kemp – Genealogy Librarian News

If you’ve run out of family history resources for your personal research, you’ll want to explore Tom Kemp’s blog. Tom has been involved in genealogy for over 50 years and authored 35 books. His blog documents history records ranging from birth certificates to passenger lists. To stay updated on recent genealogy discoveries, follow his twitter account.

(4) Joe Beine – Genealogy Roots

After browsing Tom’s blog, delve into the blog of Joe Beine. Joe created the Online Searchable Death Indexes website, and maintains a current and extensive list of resources available to find your family history. Not only does Joe collect databases of marriage and death records, but also shares helpful links to more websites that will help you in your ancestral search. Joe announces each update on twitter.

(5) Lynn Palermo – The Armchair Genealogist

It’s time to compile all of the information you’ve discovered into one easy access location. Whether you’re just beginning to write your family history, or are ready to edit and revise your narrative, Lynn’s blog will benefit you. In addition, she provides tips on budgeting while exploring the places your ancestors once roamed.

Now that you have access to family history records, and tips to gathering and compiling your ancestor’s stories, it’s time to print your discoveries. Be sure to use for an easy-to-use, customizable solution. For more information visit or contact us below.


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