We Built More Than a Book | Lynn Palermo

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Danette and I were not close as cousins go. We were born 10 years apart; she lived in Virginia, I lived in Canada, plus with 45 cousins in the family, we naturally migrated towards cousins closer to our age. However in 2007, as adults, we found a common interest—a family history book.


MyCanvas GBS – Guest Bloggers!

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As we mentioned before, we’ve asked guests from near and far to share inspirational stories relating to families, history, the research process, and preserving memories. Our sixteen guest bloggers are from around the world, and our Feature Guest Blogger loves Italian culture. We’re so excited to announce that joining us in this series is…


Announcing MyCanvas’ Guest Blog Series!

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MyCanvas is pleased to announce our new Guest Blog Series! We’ve asked guests from near and far to share inspirational stories relating to families, history, the research process, and preserving memories. If you’re looking for tips and tricks about genealogy, creating photobooks, and more, there will be something here for everyone to learn from our wonderful guest bloggers.


Why Isn’t MyCanvas Working??

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Remember those exciting new upgrades we’ve been promising? They are here! We’re pleased to announce the arrival of several new features, including the Share Capability, a user friendly contact form, shipping to Canada and more!


Is Your Family History Accurate?

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When creating our family history, we want it to be accurate, not only so that we ourselves know who we are, but so that those who follow in our footsteps can build off of accurate family history work. But how do we know if our family history is accurate?


How to Keep Old Photos Safe

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Photos are something we cherish. They provide a glimpse into the past, and help us remember what time might have us forget. So, when an old photo is found, how can it best be preserved to keep the memories it represents safe? There’s a couple of ways…


Family History for Kids

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Involving our families in family history can sometimes be a challenge, especially for children. However, the great thing about genealogy work is that it can be approached from so many different angles. Create a fun environment where family history for kids becomes fun


Small Moments – Enjoying Life

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With the endless parade of work, school, soccer practice, meal making, cleaning, and so on, sometimes we can get so wrapped up in having a life that we forget to live. How do we step back and ensure that we are enjoying life while caring for ourselves and those around us?

Caring for other people and finding happiness doesn’t require lots of money. The greatest impressions we leave on those around us (and ourselves) are made of millions of small moments each day. To better enjoy life we can collect the right moments.