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Create meaningful memories with your family and friends each day. This section contains ideas for activities that can inspire your next photo project.

Preserving Family Reunion Memories

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Family reunions help us celebrate our family, both past and present. But they’re also great for the future as well. These are the times we can gather in all the branches of our family tree to hear their stories, get to know one another, and preserve memories of each other. Those memories will be important in years to come, so it’s vital to save them now. Here are some ideas of how to save specific and treasured memories at your family reunions.


This should be a given at reunions, but it bears repeating: take lots of pictures! Scenery is nice, and depending on your personality should be photographed. But you should also take as many pictures as you can of your family. Whether posed or candid, snap a few whenever you have a camera. When you save them to your computer, be sure to keep track of the location, year, and who’s in the photo. Not just for future generations; sometimes those details can slip in just a few years, and kids grow up so fast!


Depending on how crafty your family gets, try doing something involving the whole family that you can hang onto for those memories. This might include using a paper tablecloth that everyone can write or draw on, so you can save their signatures or other little precious memories.

In weddings recently, it has become popular to have a printed tree in a frame on which guests press their inked thumbprint for posterity. You can do something like this for your whole family in the style of a family tree. This would also make a great gift to a grandparent or great-grandparent so they can see how large their family is.

Capture stories

Family reunions are a great time to tell stories, whether of ancestors long gone or just of the last year. Even with a whole family listening, those memories fade with time. So, have a way to record these stories, like voice memo apps on-hand or a digital camera running during storytime.

You should also encourage your family members to write down their own family reunion experiences. Not every fun story may be captured digitally in just the right moment, but that doesn’t mean it should be forgotten!


Whatever your family reunion activities, they should be remembered! Keeping track of little details and stories will benefit you in the future–as well as your family, present and future! How have you kept track of your family’s memories during a reunion? We’d love to hear from you!

Communicating with relatives to get family history information is the most effective method in getting the details.

Family: The Ultimate Source of Family History Information

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Do you ever find yourself thinking you have hit a dead end with finding new information for your family history? If this thought has ever crossed your mind, you are wrong. You might have already scavenged through diaries of family members for information, but have you considered speaking with your family? Your living…


Fun Family History Activities for the Whole Family

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Family history is very interesting to some people and quite the opposite for others, especially children. Getting the whole family involved with family history can be a chore in itself. One idea to get everybody involved (and maybe even excited) with family history is to turn it into a game and make it engaging. Family history…


How Can I Interest My Family in Genealogy?

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Finding ancestors, learning facts, locating headstones – these are activties genealogists are passionate about. However, when some family members hear the words “Family History” or “Genealogy” they tune out. So how can you share your family history with your loved ones without getting an eye-roll? Try some of these ideas:


DIY Picture Frame Fun for the Whole Family

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When it comes to making memories, pictures are one of the best (and definitely the easiest!) way to capture a moment. Don’t just let those photos sit forgotten in your phone or camera. Print off and dress up those fantastic photos with one of these great DIY picture frame options that make a great activity for the whole family!


You Can Draw A Memory | Sir Leprechaunrabbit

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I was a single, military parent with three (very hyper) little boys, aged nine, seven and four.

It was too easy getting them involved in my genealogy research, because for them it was another adventure!

Our first road trip was to a local cemetery to photograph some stones for a special commission in Ontario.


Family Friday | Madam Ancestry

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Family Friday is something that I like to promote to help strengthen family bonds and get families involved in genealogy & family history. From one family historian to another, I’m sure you can relate to sometimes feeling like you’re on a genealogy island alone when relatives don’t always seem to share the same enthusiasm as you do. Sometimes they don’t know they’re enthused until you get them enthused (smile)! That’s where these Family Friday activities come in!